Karen’s Artistic Technique

Artistic technique is important as it draws people to a painting, but the experiences of life, what the artist personally puts into it, vibrates out to the people and that is what keeps them interested in the work.  Many fabulous adventures have inspired me which have reflected within my art.  When someone displays my paintings in their home it enables that person to walk into the world that I have created.  It is a collage of my travels and experiences.

I love to paint large and walk right into my fantasy.  My paintings take over a room and the people in it become part of the piece.  I don’t want Afternoon in Venice to be a picture, I want you to stand in Venice and experience the atmosphere, the history, the old work charm.  To be close to the beautiful decaying walls is something very special.  It’s another dimension, an atmosphere, a sense of calm, continuity and traditions.  It represents a place which has experienced a past, is still lovely and will be long into the future.

I use gold leaf to create a three dimensional quality and to reflect light.  The gold pulls the room into my painting and interacts with it.  When light enters a room; such as, sunlight streaming from a window, it is captured by the gold as it moves across the canvas, changing it and creating a living elusion.  Everyone is immediately drawn to the magic of gold and there is nothing like a bit of sparkle to enrich a room.  Florence, Italy is awash with gold.  Gold is the archetype of past wealth and conquering civilizations.

I incorporate architecture with its colonnades and arches, classical furniture, marble floors, textures and light.  This cradled within the fantastic landscapes of tropical bays and rolling vineyards, oceans and waterfalls, sunsets and cloud formations create a utopia, a work to draw you into, the world of my experiences.

Thank you for your interest in my art!


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